Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Topic Tuesday: Flash Your Stash

So I completely missed the boat on the Stash Link-up but I wanted to share my quilting stash anyway, as I found looking at pictures of other people's organizational systems interesting and informative. My photos are already inaccurate because after stacking the leaning tower of Pisa up top, I decided it was too much and shifted everything down.

Quilting Stash

I organize by size, then color. I used to continue to sort by hue and then value but i stopped doing that because it's way too time-consuming and it turns into a big mess immediately. These stacking cubes hold print yardage--anything 1/2yd or above. i keep multicolored prints together, though i'm thinking that it's not the greatest system because i tend to forget to use them. The rolls in the corner are laminated cottons and a ton of yellow voile that i'm supposed to use to make curtains for my house but haven't yet. The bins are for my tiny scraps. anything smaller than a 2.5" square, oddly shaped bits, and skinny strings go there.

Quilting Stash

Next, we have my fat quarter shelves. They are also sorted by color with solids separated from prints. I keep a range from layer cake squares to just under 1/2yds here. When pulling fabrics for a new quilt unless i'm doing something very color specific i will either choose from these shelves or the yardage cubes, but generally not both. no reason for that other than laziness. The top shelf holds utility fabrics like canvas and muslin and my prewashed fabric for dyeing, plus a few bolts--mostly essex linen. The bottom cubby is my solids yardage.

Quilting Stash

Finally, we have the scrap drawer, also sorted by color (of course). i keep larger scraps here, plus charm packs and jelly rolls (well, roll--i only have one). i pull from the scrap drawer a lot. i use these fabrics primarily for bee blocks and small projects like the rainbow pillow i just finished.

I don't have a picture but i also have a giant plastic bag where I keep my selvages and another bag for trimmings/binding leftovers. they are both overflowing. oh and i have a cardboard box with 6" strings for a leaders/enders quilt that i haven't started yet. plus this box where i keep my 2" squares. and a bag of scraps waiting to be cut into 2 inch squares.

you could make the case that i have problems throwing anything away. but every once in awhile i make myself purge the scrap bins of the tiniest bits that i will never use.

I will not be showing the yarn/fiber/clothing fabric stash. they are upstairs in another room and it would take me forever to get it all organized.


  1. You have a beautiful stash. Mine is mish mashed together and pretty much hidden away, so it is not very easy for me to see what I have.

  2. Wow! What "eye candy" you get to see everyday! Love the ideas and thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Verrrry nice stash! I'm so glad you linked to me so I was able to find you. :)



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