Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WIP-it Wednesday #15

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Gonna be a short one today. It's been too hot to craft.

Finished this week

  1. Pink Ladies Handspun
  2. Fatcatknits handspun: I ended up with a chunky weight chain-plied yarn. It's merino, around 120yds, worsted spun, lightly felted to finish.
    Fatcatknits merino handspun #wipitwed
  3. Nicole's Antler Cardigan: It's done. I just need to wash, block, and sew on buttons.

In progress this week

  1. Leaders/enders Postage Stamp: I haven't had much chance to work on it but I've cut and stitched a few squares here and there. yes this is normally how it looks. what can i say? i'm a pillar of organization.
    Leaders/enders postage stamp #wipitwed
  2. Moda Bake Shop Project: i just have to do the binding and then it's done, thank goodness.
  3. Haruni: I ripped back to the end of Chart A and got back on track. I think I'm about 8 rows from finishing. I usually try to get through 2 rows a night right before bedtime.
    Getting closer #haruni #knitting #wipitwed

Idle projects

  1. Indigo dyeing
  2. Xmas quilt
  3. sampler quilt
  4. granny squares qayg
  5. log cabin qayg
  6. scrappy trips
  7. medallion
  8. wonky bee #1 quilt
  9. herringbone quilt
  10. yo yo pillow
  11. hexagon mini
  12. polaroid blocks
  13. embroidery mandalas
  14. cross stitch family
  15. triangles quilt

New starts

  1. Black Walnut Dye Prep: I stumbled upon a black walnut tree in my neighborhood. I collected the fallen green nuts and Spicy and I had a good time cracking them open with a hammer. They are soaking in my backyard right now. I'm planning to use the cold water method because I've heard they stink to high heaven if you heat them indoors. I'm going to do some sock yarn and a few fat quarters to start. I also finally got my indigo dyeing kit in the mail so i'm hoping to do that this week as well.
  2. High Bid Farm Shetland: I'm happy to be back to spinning again. i tend to forget how relaxing and enjoyable it can be. this is some local shetland roving that i got at my LYS about a month ago. it's very sheepy but spins easily. this is half the fiber spun up.
    Spinning Shetland #wipitwed

Yardage progress

FYI: I'm rounding to the nearest 1/8th of a yard to keep the math simplified. i only count yards used per week from finished projects. Scraps don't count, because...well, they're scraps.
Used this week: 0. *sigh*
Yards acquired: 1 7/8. My super mega awesome brother sent me 3 charm packs for my birthday. I love them all and I can't wait to find projects for them.
Awesome gift from my brother
I also used an etsy gift card from the lovely and talented Jacey to get some new spinning fiber from Spunrightround. The colors are so pretty and i'm happy to be excited about spinning again.
3 pretty braids including one from @jaceynotjc. Thanks! #spunrightround #spinning
+/-: -67.375 yds

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  1. that bright colored fiber is simply amazing, wow! Also...your brother...sounds like a keeper! Anyway that would send me fabric is high in my books! lol As for your organizational skills lol they are still better than mine! :)

    I am stopping by from the WIP hop, hop by if you get a chance!



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