Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WIP-it Wednesday #13

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

i have no idea what i did in the past week. guess i'm about to find out.

Finished this week

  1. HST value quilt
  2. Organic Cotton Washcloths: I got these finished up and put them and their crochet brethren in the shop. You'll get 20% off if you buy 3 or more and you can mix and match.
    Organic Knit Washcloths
  3. Spicy's boxes: I made 3 more boxes. Spicy is planning to open up his stand this week so they should come in handy.
    More baskets for Spicy #wipitwed
  4. July do. good stitches blocks: Emilee asked for Patchwork Wheel blocks in monochromatic colors. I hit up the scrap drawer for these.
    Do good July blocks #havendgs

In progress this week


Idle projects

  1. Haruni
  2. Xmas quilt
  3. superwash merino handspun
  4. sampler quilt
  5. granny squares qayg
  6. log cabin qayg
  7. scrappy trips
  8. medallion
  9. wonky bee #1 quilt
  10. herringbone quilt
  11. yo yo pillow
  12. hexagon mini
  13. polaroid blocks
  14. embroidery mandalas
  15. cross stitch family
  16. triangles quilt

New starts

  1. Traveling Wonky Bee for Jessica: I used Kelbysews paper-pieced alphabet for the word and the icky thump paper-pieced block. now i just need to stitch some of her blocks together and it'll be ready to send back to her.
    Wonky Bee for Jessica
  2. Moda Bake Shop Project: i'm working on this one but i'm not in a tremendous hurry because i'm out of batting and waiting on a giant shipment to come in the mail.
    Secret project #mbs #moda
  3. Nicole's hat and mittens: I started these for my niece's birthday. the hat is done except for weaving in the ends. i'm using plymouth worsted superwash merino and the knitter's handy book of patterns.
    Working on my niece's birthday present #knitting #wipitwed
  4. Leaders/enders project: I have wanted to do one of these for awhile. i have a sneaking suspicion that i won't like the process, but i figured it's worth trying at least once. i've decided to start cutting 2" squares and 6" strings of various widths whenever it's time to empty my scrap baskets. the plan is to do 2 quilts, a scrappy postage stamp, and a simple string quilt. i'm not in any hurry to finish these.

Yardage progress

FYI: I'm rounding to the nearest 1/8th of a yard to keep the math simplified. i only count yards used per week from finished projects. Scraps don't count, because...well, they're scraps.
Used this week: 2.85 yds
Yards acquired: 61.75. hoo boy. i got a shipment of fabric in that i've been waiting on for a very long time. i also have a couple more packages winding their way to me so i'll have even more purchases to tally next week. this means it's time for another fabric diet.
bright rollup
Hawthorne Threads order
Hawthorne Threads order
+/-: -49.115 yds


  1. Nice! I like those little boxes, so sweet! Monochromatic blocks are looking great too.

  2. You are a crafting machine.

  3. I love the boxes and blocks...and what a cute hat!!

  4. Those cotton washcloths are great! I love that design, have never seen it before. :)

  5. Nice! Seeing your WIP post, I feel guilty that I haven't listed all my projects out. Hehehe, I'm in denial! If I don't list them all out, then I don't have too many. :)



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