Monday, July 22, 2013

Pink ladies

Since my birthday was on Sunday, I decided to throw my hands up and take the weekend to work on fun projects. (well, for the most part. i did a little bit of work too). i wanted to go back to the wheel, so this meant that i had to finish an idle spinning project before i could start a new one.

222 yds superwash merino dk #handspun #spinning

This yarn was not at all fun to spin. i really need to be more careful when dyeing. The fiber was matted and compacted and difficult to draft, but i got through it in the end. It's 222 yards of dk superwash merino 2ply, spun longdraw from the fold and felted to finish. it's also very pink. i'm not overly fond of pink. I used yellow and magenta to dye the fiber, but it all melded in the pot and became this semi-solid pepto-bismol shade. i haven't decided what to do with it yet. Then I spent yesterday spinning up this lovely present from fatcatknits, which was a much more pleasant experience. I just need to finish the yarn and take pictures.

An early birthday present from fatcatknits. thanks so much!

I always seem to be the bridesmaid on these things but I figure it's noteworthy to point out that my Clashy Bright mosaic was chosen as a finalist at Stitched in Color. I love picking fabrics to fit a theme so it was a fun exercise and an honor to be chosen as a finalist. If you feel like it, you can vote for me here.

Clashy bright mosaic


  1. Happy Birthday! Glad you got to do something fun. Love the colors in the fatcats!



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