Monday, July 01, 2013

just keep quilting

Over the weekend I was absolutely determined to get those 2 festering quilt tops finished.

Loop d loops

on this one i had a brain snafu and cut the batting/backing too short. i have no clue what i was thinking. i amputated a row off of the top to make it fit. i was too sore to think about recutting/piecing a new back. after that, the quilting went quickly and easily. i used connecting threads essential and made big loops.

#Quilting #fmq #aurifil

on this one i switched to a light grey aurifil. the difference in ease of quilting compared with CT is substantial. i was trying to use up some older threads, but i like the thinner thread so much better. i'm taking my time on this one and quilting each part individually. i've used scallops, pebbles, narrow lines, flowers, and feathers in the sashing. i've tried feathers before but this is my first time using them on a larger scale. they aren't perfect but they're definitely my most successful attempt so far. all i have left is to quilt the border and then i'll be ready to trim and bind both quilts.



  1. I love, love, love that top quilt. It's just so cool!

  2. Oh how good it feels to get things finished up! I can't wait to see that bear paw quilt!!!



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