Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WIP-it Wednesday #9

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Has it been another week already?

Finished this week

  1. Spicy's socks: Finally!
  2. Nautical Stripes II: Check back for more details on Friday.
    Nautical Stripes II

In progress this week

  1. Xmas quilt: I finished all of the blocks and have begun assembly. it's really busy. i'm starting to regret my decision to use all prints. i'm hoping it'll grow on me.
    Not loving it so far. It's so busy #Xmasquilt
  2. Superwash merino handspun: I forgot to take a picture, but I did spin for an hour or so this week.

Idle projects

  1. HST value quilt
  2. Rolling Diamonds for do. good stitches
  3. sampler quilt
  4. granny squares qayg
  5. log cabin qayg
  6. bearpaw quilt
  7. scrappy trips
  8. medallion
  9. wonky bee #1 quilt
  10. herringbone quilt
  11. yo yo pillow
  12. hexagon mini
  13. polaroid blocks
  14. embroidery mandalas
  15. cross stitch family
  16. triangles quilt

New starts

  1. Haruni shawl: I felt the urge to knit some lace. Haruni has been on my list for practically forever. i wound my 2ply jacob handspun and got through Chart 1. it's going smoothly so far, but i have some other things to finish first so this will be put aside for awhile.
    Started a new shawl #haruni
  2. Custom Embroidery Pillow Cover: It's been awhile since I've done any embroidery. I'd almost forgotten how enjoyable it is. I bought some frixion pens at my LQS last night. on my test, the ink did disappear immediately when ironed but came back faintly when i stuck my sample in the freezer. it went away again with another iron. I figure it's pretty safe for embroidery, since the ink will be covered by floss anyway, plus a pillow cover is unlikely to be out in the cold for long. i'd be more hesitant to use it on clothing or quilts.
    Working on a custom order #wipitwed

Yardage progress

That something just might involve these lovelies
I splurged at my lys sale #villageyarn&fiber

My LYS is having their anniversary sale this week. i got some yarn to make my niece a cardigan, hat, and mittens, some sock yarn for Spicy, 4oz of local shetland, plus a skein of madtosh pashmina just for me.

Gonna try out the frixion pens #lqs

In addition to the yarn and quilt shops, East Rochester is basically Craft Central. There's also a bead shop, a weaving shop, and a tapestry shop all in the same complex with the quilt store, and the yarn store is across the street. i should really go more often. At the quilt shop, I got a yard of rainbow stripe cotton couture to use for binding and a half yard of a crossword fabric. i wanted to pat myself on the back for my restraint.

FYI: I'm rounding to the nearest 1/8th of a yard to keep the math simplified. i only count yards used per week from finished projects. Scraps don't count, because...well, they're scraps.
Used this week: 4.5 yds
Yards acquired: 5 yds
+/-: +7.285 yds


  1. Nice fabrics. I need to get one of those pens! Your embroidery looks very cool.

  2. I have many of those pens, love them!

  3. Loving your Christmas quilt! Do you mind if I pin it for inspiration?

  4. Your socks are so awesome!

    Love the beginnings of the shawl---you are sure talented.

    The words you are embroidering look very fun!

  5. What is this WIP-it Wednesday?!? It sounds like I need to be involved. My WIP's, particularly my unfinished sock pile, are completely out of hand.

    Love your recent purchases! That embroidered pillow is AWESOME. I would like to do something similar with Archer quotes.

  6. OMG THE EMBROIDERY!!! KOKKA KOKKA KOKKA! The recipient of that pillow is very lucky person. Add some never nude and "Marry me!" - a couple of my favorites. Cheers and happy WIPing!

  7. Yay for your sock finish!! I actually really like the scrappy look of your Christmas quilt.



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