Friday, June 21, 2013

Shop Talk

I am a horrible model. Whenever I have a new design or shop item that needs to be photographed on a person I either have to impose on poor Spicy to take the pictures for me or I have to set up my tripod and do the self-timer thing. I bought a remote for my camera but it's broken and i haven't bought another one. Because of my natural tendency to look pissed off at all times, i have to take lots and lots of pictures to come up with a handful of decent ones. if i could put Spicy in a dress i would. or maybe not--he's not a very good model either.

I own an adjustable dress form for sewing, which i have never used but really should. since it's a functional dress form it's not very attractive-looking for pictures. i had grand thoughts of decoupaging it but dress forms are pricey and i should really stop being dumb and use the thing for garment sewing.

I saw a post where Jeni of in color order bought a display dress form off amazon. it was only $55 so i decided it would be worth it if it meant that i could stop having to plaster on that pained smile in pictures. just FYI: as per some of the amazon reviews, it does smell when you take it out of the box but the smell dissipates quickly. it also doesn't come with instructions on how to put it together but even spatial-skills-challenged me could figure it out. i really like that you can adjust the height easily.

splatter paint apron

ahh, so much better. i was finally able to get some aprons put up in the shop that i've been holding onto for a month and i also went back to re-photograph my scarves as well. i'm still willing to put on some makeup and a pretty dress where the situation warrants it but this should at least cut down on the number of times i have to pretend to smile from here on out. Trust me, we're all better off.

circle scarf


  1. Cool! I have no need for such a thing but find myself wanting one now. Both the dress and scarf are really pretty -- you have such great style.

  2. I hear you on the "always looks pissed off look". I have that problem myself. LOL Maybe I am just pissed off LMAO

  3. Great investment! They look really nice.

    I think the biggest thing that deters me from consistent blogging is having to get ready. IRL I'm such a bum!!



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