Friday, June 07, 2013

Linky Loo Friday

My niece's birthday is in August so I'm currently in research mode for gifts. I like to make her clothes a couple of seasons ahead, so i'm aiming for fall/winter stuff. She'll be a tall 2 year old, so if anyone has suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them!

  • I have the pattern for the Antler Cardigan, but i'm having trouble coming up with a yarn choice. i was going to buy madtosh vintage, but then i realized that fairy-fart yarn and toddlers don't really mix. so now i'm thinking of using cascade 220 superwash. but what color? my only restriction is no purple. i can't decide if i should go for a practical neutral or a bright fun color, or whether light or dark would be best. since this is a heavier sweater, i think i would add a separating zipper and have it function as a light jacket.
  • i was also thinking about a lighter weight cardi since my niece lives in a warmer climate than i do. i think that yoked sweaters look adorable on children, so maybe something like a tiny tea leaves, playful stripes, beear, or circle line. i have a bunch of cascade 220 sport in the stash but it's not superwash. it is really hard to find a decent superwash yarn that has all of the properties i'm looking for. i don't really want to use acrylic and cotton can be too heavy. i've been debating various yarns for a few days and it's definitely a goldilocks problem. i would say that i'd spin something but i'd never finish in time and i'd still have to buy fiber. apparently over the years my stash has become anti-superwash. pretty much the only thing i have with enough yardage is Wollmeise in a navy blue color, and see aforementionedness with fairy-fart yarns, plus it would take forever since it's fingering weight.
  • i have the ice cream dress pattern, but no fabric. more accurately, i probably have fabric i could use but i haven't taken the time to pick anything out yet. and i think it might be too much of a spring/summer dress. but maybe it would work ok with a coordinating cardi (see above)?
  • I was also thinking about buying the geranium dress, though now that i see them side-by-side, it looks fairly similar to the ice cream dress. i'm thinking part of the problem is that my mom was super into the frilly girly dresses when i was a kid, so my brain rebels against them. (plus my mom is still in the picture and i wouldn't be surprised if she had that particular area covered in regards to her grandchild). i think that this dress is really cute but i don't know if it's too twee. i feel like this kid's parents definitely own thick oversized glasses with no frames and are people my brother would make fun of.
  • or maybe i should just stick to a place where i'm more comfortable, the land of pants and t-shirts. i already have the t-shirt pattern and a lot of cute knit fabric from girlcharlee. i probably will make at least a couple of shirts. many of the patterns i've purchased have a range of larger sizes so it would be practical to reuse them. i have the urban unisex hoodie, a bunch of basics from sewing for boys, and the lucy top.

i still have a little bit of time to figure it out, but not having kids myself makes the options overwhelming at times.


  1. My little girl is two and I just bought Figgys Nituna jacket pattern to make for her (as we are heading into winter) - it is uber cute, might be an option?

  2. I was going to suggest the Urban Unisex Hoodie, i've made one for one of my little guys and love it. I wish i was capable enough to size it up to fit me! I also have the Urban Weekender Coat by Heidi&Finn, it's pretty easy as well. Would look great made with a corduroy outside and a fun print inside, maybe one of Sarah Jane's?

  3. Hm, MadTosh Vintage is superwash, right? I just point this out because I know when I've chosen a yarn I didn't like as much for the purpose of being practical, I haven't enjoyed the process as much.



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