Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WIP-it Wednesday #7

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

My morning of futility was spent trying to coax Daisy to go outside in the pouring rain and thunder. not a good start to the day. btw, i found a new thing she is afraid of: umbrellas.

Finished this week

  1. Super tote
  2. Here kitty, kitty table runner + bonus holiday table runner: I was going to write a tutorial for the cat block, but someone posted a comment saying that there are already a million tutorials for it out there and it kind of took the wind out of my sails. i still need to get nice pictures and put them in the shop. I am really enjoying making table runners though. like a quilt, but so much faster.
    Finished table runners. #wipitwed
  3. Wonky bee for Melissa: Melissa is making a gradient strip quilt. this one was more fun to work on than i was expecting. i assessed the pieces that were already built and decided to add to/assemble the pink and purple section. when i finished that one i made a couple more yellow strips and added them to the finished piece. i was able to use a fair number of strings from my scrap stash and more importantly, Daisy approves. (She kept sniffing the pieces. maybe someone else in the bee has a dog?)
    Wonky Bee May

In progress this week

  1. Spicy's socks: i got to the heel of the second sock. i'm pretty sure i only worked on this one for about 20 minutes for the entire week. but it still counts.

Idle projects

  1. HST value quilt
  2. Superwash merino handspun
  3. Rolling Diamonds for do. good stitches
  4. sampler quilt
  5. granny squares qayg
  6. log cabin qayg
  7. bearpaw quilt
  8. scrappy trips
  9. medallion
  10. wonky bee #1 quilt
  11. herringbone quilt
  12. yo yo pillow
  13. hexagon mini
  14. polaroid blocks
  15. embroidery mandalas
  16. cross stitch family
  17. triangles quilt

New starts

  1. Star table runner: I knew i wanted to make star blocks with the constellations fabric that i just bought. i'm having fun combining machine and hand quilting. my FMQ is finally getting better with practice. i'm not even ashamed of my stipple anymore. all i have left is handstitching the binding.
    Table runner #wipitwed
    Ready for hand binding. Gotta load up another ep of AD #wipitwed

Yardage progress

FYI: I'm rounding to the nearest 1/8th of a yard to keep the math simplified. i only count yards used per week from finished projects. Scraps don't count, because...well, they're scraps.
Used this week: 10.66 yds
Yards acquired: 0
+/-: +10.66


  1. those stars are fantastic! and i really like the strips you made as well =)

  2. You have some great projects going on here! I am so in love with the pearl bracelets fabric...gotta have it:)
    following on bloglovin'

  3. That strip quilt is going to be fantastic! And i love your stars :)

  4. Nicely done on your yardage use! Melissa's wall-hanging is going to be so cool. I love your progress on that, and everything else.



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