Friday, May 17, 2013

Linky-loo Friday

And now for something completely different #grainline #tinypockettank

After finishing Equality, i needed a palate cleanser. i wanted something that would be a no-brainer and i could use some new tops for summer so i cut out the tiny pocket tank in linen. i haven't quite finished it yet and i'm not sure if it fits because i didn't want to try it on and risk stretching out the neckline, so fingers crossed. i also bought the scout tee for more blouse hijinks.

Next week I will be on vacation, just chilling at home and crafting. a few of the things on my list: a super tote, a greenback wallet or two, a table runner, and some t-shirts for Spicy. i probably will end up doing none of these things. and that's ok.

My fabric fast is over! i was able to hang on to some self-restraint and i bought a moderate amount from tactile fabrics. I'll be sure to show it off when it gets here.

We have company coming next weekend but i am going to try my best to get my chicken dance on and squeeze in some time to watch the new season of AD. Come on!
ETA: Apparently I have great timing with this one. My AD quote pillow made an appearance on buzzfeed.

We're not doing the markets this year after all. The fees/insurance are high and we won't have enough crop to make the markets worth it, but we're still planning to do it next year. i am giving serious thought to doing this show in November. I'll be glad to have more time to prepare.

it wouldn't be the weekend without a puppy pic! Daisy is mad at us because we have so far been unable to put on her flea prevention goo. Pinning down a wily and strong 40 lb dog who doesn't trust people is not an easy feat. Such a sad face!

Daisy's camera hatred runs deep


  1. Congrats on the buzzfeed feature! That pillow is wayyyyy cool! Is there any way to put the flea goo on Daisy while she's sleeping? That's what I do with my wilder dog (if that's possible for yours... mine is a good that you squirt kind of behind their head and don't have to rub in or anything).

  2. I still have so much love for that pillow. Have you watched much yet? We are about five or six episodes in, but as usual, I want to SAVOR it. Hi, Daisy!



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