Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Favorites

So many pretty colors this week! I really need to make one of those typewriter/text thingies for myself. i think i favorite every single one that pops up in my flickr stream.

Friday Favorites 05/31 1. $&?!@&!!!?$&!!!! Commence screaming and jumping up and down! @cutsewpresslove I'm about to faint with joy. My PTS10 is the BEST PILLOW EVER!!!! MINE MINE MINE!!!!!!!❤, 2. Scrappy Pillows, 3. Wordy Mouse Pad #3, 4. Blooming Potholders, 5. Teacher appreciation gifts, 6. Dream Quilt closeup, 7. Flower Pot, 8. Nordika Quilted Pillows, 9. Supernova Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Ellie feeling the Xmas spirit. Also...tired

This weekend Ellie and I will be working on Xmas stockings for the shop. well, I will be working and Ellie will get in the way, like she does.


  1. Lovely Selektion. I am glad you like my Scrappy pillows :-)

  2. Those are all very pretty things. I especially like the typewriter blanket.

  3. Hi! I haven't been here in awhile. I'm glad to see Ellie is up to her usual tricks!

  4. Is that an instagram photo? What's your username? :)

  5. That typewriter is too cute! Great pics!

  6. Miss Ellie is such a good helper!! :0)



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