Friday, May 10, 2013


Test block for my newest quilt

Inspiration struck around the time that all those marriage equality facebook icons started to appear. The support that Jason Collins received even in the macho world of sports made me realize how far we've come as a society. I don't know which way the Supreme Court is going to make their decisions but even cynical me has some hope that they will make the right ones.

it occurred to me that the symbol was very much like a simple stacked coin quilt. i sketched out a design in illustrator and then decided to make my life more complicated by using color on white prints for the background. i've had a couple of math snafus and had to go back and recut a few fabrics, but things are going smoothly now. i'm going to try my best to get this one finished up this week.

Coming together


  1. Cool! Love the inspiration and LOVE where it's going!

  2. This is beautiful and powerful! Great idea!

  3. This is beautiful and powerful! Great idea!



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