Friday, April 12, 2013

Taking Inventory

I sat down and made a list and I have a couple of goals that both complement and conflict with one another.

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I'm starting to run out of storage space for my quilting fabric. I've decided that I have to use 40 yards before I can buy any more. Though this sounds high, I'm thinking I can plough through it in a couple of months. If all goes well, Spicy will be selling at farmer's markets this year and I want to make a bunch of smaller things to sell, like market bags and pouches and such. i'm still in the stash stack club and i'm waiting on a few other fabrics to arrive, but whenever i get a new shipment i'll just add it on top of the 40 yard total to ensure that i really decrease the stash.

Secondly, I took stock of my quilting WIPs and the list is absurdly long. right now it's at 17 and i'm pretty sure that i've forgotten a few things so it's probably even longer. I'd like to knock at least 8 things off the list. if i can keep my WIPs to under 10 it would feel much more manageable. i've ordered my list roughly by state of completion, so if i start at the top of the list i should be able to finish several things in short order. at the bottom of the list are a few things i'm thinking about just scrapping altogether so that would condense it as well. i decided that if i find that i need new fabric to finish a WIP, it gets set aside until the 40 yard limit is met. i'm realistic enough to factor in that i'm going to start new things. i am attracted to new and shiny and my brain is constantly absorbing fresh ideas. but i'm hoping to finish 2 things for every one new project that i start, so that overall i'm decreasing the list.

i'm not great with follow-through which is one of the reasons i have 17 WIPs in the first place. so i'm under no illusion that i will stick to either of these plans. hopefully i can put a sizeable dent in them though. i'm currently attaching the binding to my first project which uses some of the fabrics pictured above so by tonight i should have it down to 16 WIPs and be able to knock about 3 yards off the total.

We will not even mention the state of my clothing fabric and yarn/fiber stash, or the number of non-quilting WIPs. i'm not that ambitious.


  1. Goodness. I cannot start another project until I finish what I am currently working on. It would drive me batty!

  2. I cen't imagine scrapping a project. I'm just starting in the quiting world and everything seems like something I have to have/keep!

  3. hoo boy, good luck balancing it all out!

  4. Have you thought about a giveaway? Send out one of your unfinished quilts and the remaining fabric and see what someone else's creative mind can do with it.

  5. Yeah. I so relate to this post. New and shiny is so distracting, especially lately!



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