Monday, April 01, 2013

Adventures in handprinting

Handprinted fabric has been on my list of things to try for awhile. I've been collecting supplies and making samples the past few weeks. Over the weekend I stitched up a few new goodies for the shop.

Cat & Mouse pouch

I took this picture of blackkitty and made it into a stencil. I combined it with a cute Heather Ross fabric to make the Cat and Mouse pouch. i'd like to make a few more of these prints on linen totes.

Patchwork tote

This patchwork tote uses a variety of my block printed fabrics. I used foam stamps, some lino carved stamps, and one commercial stamp. I combined those fabrics with coordinating scraps and i added a recessed zipper opening. i kind of want to keep this one all to myself. i wasn't sure how the imperfections in the prints would look in a finished project but altogether i quite like the effect.

Patchwork tote do good stitches label

Finally, i bought some letter stamps and I used them on the label for my do. good stitches quilt. it didn't quite work out the way i'd envisioned but i hope it looks ok.


  1. I like it all! The handstamped works great with the patchwork bag.

  2. I think it all looks great. I especially like the second tote!

  3. I like the stamp on the do good stitches tag! I'm going to try printing soon. What ink did you decide on and use!?

  4. Wow! love the tote bag. The hand stamped fabrics make it really special!

  5. Freaking awesome things! CAT! And I love that bag you made. Perfect combo of prints and colors!



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