Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The hat that nearly wasn't

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Spicy's co-worker commissioned me to make him a Cleveland Browns hat that he could wear to games. He wanted his hat to look like the logo, which is just a football helmet. I knew that the vertical stripes would be tricky but i had several ideas for how to make it work. i bought some Plymouth Galway from my LYS and got to work.

I wanted to avoid intarsia in the round. First, i tried a sideways knit hat. But the short-rows made the color changes inelegant. Next I tried to knit a top-down earflap hat and duplicate stitch the stripes on. but the stripes at the top of the hat wouldn't line up properly and just looked weird. so i went back to the sideways hat and began to duplicate stitch the stripes onto it. but i got about halfway through and decided i hate the way that duplicate stitch looks (too much orange shows through and the stripes are too bulky-looking).

so i resigned myself to intarsia. i figured that intarsia in crochet is a little easier than knitting because it's a cinch to turn the work and crochet back and forth in rounds. and i think it was easier in the end. the only part that doesn't really match the logo is that the stripes narrow at the top. but i had to do it that way or the fit of the hat would be totally weird.

I used an H hook from my new wooden set i bought from webs. since i love wooden needles, i'd guessed that i'd probably love wooden hooks as well. and i do. i always hated how cold the metal ones feel and the weight makes my wrists hurt after awhile. these hooks are heaven compared to my old boyes.

i feel a little silly that such a simple looking hat gave me so much trouble. i'm just glad i got there in the end and hopefully my client will be happy.

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  1. It's a fun hat! I'm impressed by how you achieved the stripe. Crochet is still a mystery to me. Maybe someday I'll really focus and learn it.



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