Wednesday, March 06, 2013


QAYG sampler

I finished the first 2 blocks of my sampler quilt. I am using #8 perle cotton in 2 colors. i'm finding it a bit tough to quilt close to the seamlines, so i'm trying to come up with a complimentary design for each block that doesn't force me to quilt those bulky center seams on the paper-pieced blocks. i am using spray baste but the second block did get a little bunchy over time. i'm not sure if it's because my basting spray is pretty old. i just bought some big cans of 505. i will try that next and see if i get better results. my batting is Hobbs Premium 80/20 cotton blend. it is nice and thin and easy to quilt. so far the hera marker has been the most reliable marking tool. i used some clover chalk pencils at first but it rubs off too quickly to be useful.

It is slowly sinking in that this is not going to be a fast project since i'm hoping to end up with a queen-sized bed quilt. The hand-quilting is very soothing though.


  1. Both blocks are beautiful, but I especially love the left one. Great contrast in your Perle choices.

  2. I also like the colors of the block on the left. Well done!



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