Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pretty Yarn Day

2ply handspun

More natural dyeing: after I realized that my cochineal solution was nowhere close to being exhausted, i threw in some other fibers. I didn't mordant or even pre-wash, i just soaked them a bit in water and then added them to the pot. This is superfine kid mohair i got at the Yarn Tree and tussah silk from paradise fibers.

The mohair soaked up the dye more strongly than any of the other fibers I used. The silk barely took the dye at all. I'm pretty sure I even left the silk in there overnight after all the other fibers had been removed, but the end result was this pearl pink color.

I spun each fiber separately and plied them together. Even though I had the same amount of fiber by weight (2oz each), i stopped spinning the silk before i reached the end of the dyed top because i knew i'd have more silk than mohair. i plied until the mohair ran out and i still have a pretty significant amount of silk left on the bobbin. I ended up with around 300 yards of a heavy lace weight.

I can't remember now how I spun the fibers. I think both were longdraw, but I don't know for sure. The yarn has a slight halo but i have high hopes that it will get fuzzier as it is knit and worn. it's kitteny soft. I will be keeping this skein in my stash because since I did not use a mordant, the color bleeds like crazy when washed and I can't get it to exhaust. The dusty pink color isn't really my style but I'm sure I'll find a good use for it eventually.

2ply handspun2ply handspun


  1. This is lovely! I can't believe you spin (and dye) your own yarn! How inspiring!!


  2. It's such a lovely, soft shade. I bet it's an interesting yarn, too, with the silk and mohair.



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