Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trippy Stockholm Syndrome

Scrappy trips

I, for one, welcome our scrappy trip overlords.

I won't lie. around the holidays i saw so many scrappy trip quilts that i got sick of seeing them. the bombardment of more and more lovely finished quilts eventually resulted in a complete flip-flop. i started one of my own.

The contrarian in me had to do things a little different, so i cut 20" strips for less waste. my blocks are 8x8 or 16". i'm planning to do 16 blocks. i've stitched all of my strips into pairs. this one was just the test block. i cut 2" strips from stash. i don't have scraps of that length lying around. i also pressed all of my seams open. hopefully i can finish this one relatively quickly because i have other things i should be working on right now.


  1. I hate to admit but I might be about to cave too. I really didn't get it when I first started seeing them but now I've started seeing the possibilities. We'll see how long I can hold off.

  2. Love this block! Yeah. I haven't made one for myself, but had to make a couple of blocks for a bee. It's now on my list. It's fast, and looks great with so many different combinations.



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