Friday, February 01, 2013

spinning down the stash, pt 2

Silk Handspun

This week I've been trying to organize my upstairs craft room. I took the plunge and have thrown away a lot of wips and leftover yarns/fabrics that i was never going to use. it was kind of liberating, actually. My yarn stash is downright respectably manageable and my fiber stash is...well, it's a little bit smaller. I have all of my prepared fibers (already dyed, ready to spin) in a boot box. it's the fleeces that are still out of control.

anyway, i was able to make a tiny bit more room in the boot box by spinning up 2oz of tussah silk from gale's art. The last time I spun this fiber i was aiming for the thinest of thin yarns and it took me months to finish. I was not looking to repeat that experience.

This yarn is a fingering weight, 320yds/2oz. I spun it short-forward draw and plied it on a lower ratio to make it soft, drapey, and perfect for lace. I am in love with the sunny yellow color. it's really gorgeous. I think it would look beautiful as a lace scarf. The skein is in my shop.

I'm having a destash of some sewing patterns and craft books. A handful are out of print and hard to find. Prices don't include shipping. I will calculate actual shipping costs. Email if you're interested.

Silk HandspunSilk Handspun


  1. I covet thy yarn. That is such a gorgeous shade of yellow. And way to destash! I am working on that, also. I have a stack of fabric that I want to purge, but still haven't decided on the best way to do so. Good job cleaning!

  2. it is lovely! just lovely and the first thing i thought was what is she going to make with yarn that thin and then you said a lace scarf and thought that would be perfect! that shade of yellow is so beautiful!



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