Friday, February 15, 2013

Custom Spin

I have been tasked with turning this lovely fatcatknits fiber into yarn for a custom order. I've already finished the polwarth on the right as a sportweight 2ply. it's drying right now.

The fiber on the left is falkland. i've spun up about a quarter of the fiber, shown below. i'm spinning longdraw from the fold for a fractal 2ply. hopefully it will be about a DK weight. i haven't spun up any multi-colored fiber in awhile so this is a nice treat.

FCK Falkland

In other news, i finally bought a spin dryer. i've wanted one for quite awhile. because i am horrible at visualizing dimensions i did not expect it to be so small. basically i have to divide every load into 3 batches to get it all spun, which kind of sucks. but it does remove quite a bit of extra water and cuts down on dryer time significantly so i think it was a worthy purchase. you're supposed to spin full loads so i don't know that it'll be that useful for handspun yarn or blocking a single sweater. but it should work well for a post-dyeing batch, or getting the extra water out of a load of handwashed sweaters or socks. when spring comes we're hoping to rig up a clothesline system in our enclosed front porch to eliminate the dryer completely during warmer months.


  1. Hooray!! So far, so awesome! I have not heard of a spin dryer. Sounds like a pretty helpful gadget!

  2. The yarn will be beautiful spun together. I haven't spun in ages.



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