Wednesday, January 16, 2013

X-stitch Fever

the petrosons

Spicy made a throwaway comment the other week about how I should make a pillow with our family on it. I had long admired the cross stitch patterns by weelittlestitches and thought they'd be a perfect match. I ordered a custom pattern for 3-5 characters and Jacqueline was kind enough to overlook my inability to count.

I got my supplies from 123stitch and finished up in only a few days. Spicy is wearing a hat, sweater, and pants that I made and I am sporting my confection hat.

now i just need to decide how to finish it. it's quite a small piece. i was thinking of making a mini-quilt but i haven't decided for certain yet. i had forgotten how enjoyable cross-stitch is. i've ordered a kit that i'm excited to try next.

emerald and gold

My Emerald and Gold Mosaic made it to the finals of StitchedinColor's contest! I'd be thrilled if you voted for me.


  1. How cute. Cross stitch is fun, but I never remember to do it!

  2. I'm so glad you decided to do the x-stitch. It looks fabulous, and you finished quickly!!

    I'm off to vote for you. Your mosaic is stunning!

  3. Ha ha! I love it! I esp. love the cats and Daisy though! Too cute!

  4. Very cool project, Sis! I feel bad I can't remember Jeff's cat's name, otherwise I can recognize and name you all.

  5. I have had a hankering for cross stitch but haven't been able to find any kits that catch my eye. I might do one of me and my boyfriend!

    And, good luck in the contest. When I voted you were in the lead :)

  6. This is adorable! I absolutely love it!

  7. i voted for you several times, sorry you didn't win! i don't know how it happened, yours was seriously my very very favorite!

  8. I guess it's too late to vote now, sorry. I seriously love the font you stitched!



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