Monday, January 14, 2013

Tova #3

Aidez and Tova

My third Tova was sewn using Loulouthi voile from Hawthorne Threads. I made the size S and cut the inset on the bias so I wouldn't have to match patterns. I altered the way I stitched the cuffs and set in the sleeves flat. I'm pretty sure I also altered the sleeve to make it a little shorter since i have stumpy arms. Since this was my third Tova, the sewing was pretty routine and the fit is great. it may not seem all that special but this one was a great success considering my past 2 failures.

My first Tova was really more of a muslin out of some inexpensive MM voile that i got while on vacation a few years ago. I cut the XS and did not realize until the end that it was way too tight. That was a sad day.

My second Tova was made from linen i got at joann fabrics. the collar, inset facings and cuffs were cut from loulouthi quilting cotton. it fit and the linen was a great match for the pattern. i had grand designs of embroidering the inset with a floral design. i whipped out my loulouthi embroidery floss that i won and ordered some sulky iron-on transfer markers. here's the problem. I'm an idiot and i didn't have the embroidery design exactly centered on my fabric when i ironed it on. the pen markings are permanent. since i couldn't remove the marks, i started to stitch it anyway but the placement is so off that it looks silly. i don't know that i'll ever finish it.

I like the style enough that i think i'll eventually make a 4th tova. i was thinking of doing the dress with some essex yarn dyed linen, but we'll see.


  1. i think it is gorgeous! i didn't realize you had such a hard time with the ones you made before! this one looks gorgeous!

  2. That came out really pretty! Looks great with the cardigan too.

  3. Perfection! And I love the handknits, of course. I got the Tova pattern a little while ago, and hope to give it a try this year.

  4. How funny - I have the Tova pattern just waiting to be sewn...and my Liberty fabric matches my Aidez cardigan I made a couple years ago! Great minds...



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