Wednesday, January 09, 2013

the quilt that led to all the thumb twiddling

Stack and Whack baby quilt

Spicy's sister is having a baby so it was time to make a new quilt. I chose a Lizzy House fox fabric (top of the stack) that would serve as my focus and pulled coordinating fabrics from the stash for the top. I ended up with yellows, greens, greys, and browns, plus kona snow for the neutral. Several of my fabrics came from the stash stack club. Those basics really come in handy. I didn't want too much white on a baby quilt, so I cut 2 blocks of snow and one of each print and varied the pieces randomly rather than making every other wedge white.

I used my own dimensions and layout but my quilt is similar to this one. I had never tried the stack and whack method before but i really like it. i can see how it would be useful for all sorts of improv-ish blocks. The top was really easy and fast to put together. the only problem i had was keeping the orientation of the pieces straight. i stitched a few of them together the wrong way but it all worked out in the end.

for the back, i used the fox fabric and added a piece of natural undyed linen. I also used a half yard of shot cotton. it's sort of an olive color with dark blue threads running through it. This quilt is fairly large for a baby quilt. of course i've forgotten the exact dimensions but it's along the lines of 44x52 or so.

The quilting is a flame-ish stipple, similar to the orange block. I used aurifil thread 50-wt in white. I did not have any difficulties quilting, but after i finished I noticed that my machine started to act up. it speeds up and slows down whenever it wants so i took it in last night to get it checked out. fingers crossed that it's nothing serious.

The binding was pulled from the brown bundle and cut on the bias. i handstitched it to the back of the quilt.

Stack and Whack baby quilt

I think this type of block has great potential for a larger quilt. I'd like to revisit it someday.

Being without a sewing machine is a bit nerve-wracking. Spicy said it was like dropping your kid off at sleep-away camp. last night i cooked indian lamb meatballs, played with ifontmaker on my ipad, and read Pride and Prejudice. who knows what i'll do tonight?


  1. Love the colors in this little quilt! It's light and fresh but kind of woodsy at the same time.
    Hope it's nothing serious for your machine!

  2. It is really pretty. I love it.

  3. I absolutely think it is beautiful. I love the pattern.I might quilt some more!

  4. I LOVE this quilt....both the colors and design!!

  5. Gorgeous quilt, and I love how the winter landscape coordinates with it perfectly in your photo.
    Getting a sewing machine serviced is the worst! I wish they had drive through places like Jiffy Lube. It always takes forever. That was one of my big motivations for keeping my old machine when I got my new one. It's good to have a backup. It also means that I won't put off servicing as much, since I hate to be without a machine.

  6. Wonderful quilt! I love all the colours so much!


  7. totally love it! great colors and i would love to hear more about your stack and wack method!

  8. Beautiful! I am so in love with green for a baby quilt. I still think that Outfoxed one I made last year is one of my faves. And this one!

    I want to eat Indian lamb meatballs!

    Hope your machine is okay!



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