Thursday, January 24, 2013

for Jacey

Wonky Bee R3

I pondered for awhile on what to do for Jacey's round of the Wonky Bee. She wanted a mix of scrappy improv with more structured blocks and her favorites are stars, triangles, paper-piecing, and flying geese. I knew that I wanted to do a 5-point star and with enough digging, I finally found a free paper-pieced pattern. I enlarged it to fill up an 8.5x11 sheet of paper because the original is pretty small. I had to rip a few seams and redo them to get the seams lined up but I think it turned out reasonably well if not perfect.

Wonky Bee R3 Wonky Bee R3

On the second block, I used my pyramid ruler to make this hexagon. Then I made a bunch of 2.5" hourglass blocks using my wondercut ruler and this tutorial. it worked beautifully and i was able to make several blocks pretty fast. I added them to the hexagon and one of Amanda's blocks.

I really like Jacey's theme and chosen fabrics and I think her quilt is going to be fabulous. The color scheme is so pretty and i might have to copy her someday.

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  1. I am really loving what you made, and how it is starting to come together! This has been a really fun round so far, and it will only get better as we get closer to October!

    And that star is most definitely perfect.



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