Friday, December 21, 2012



The world is ending today! I thought I'd make the best of it by taking a look back at 2012. Although I did a lot of crafting this year, most of my major events were more life-related.

The year began for me in turmoil. I am very grateful that my family is currently healthy, happy, and together. I truly appreciate the love and goodwill we received from family and friends.

In February, I unexpectedly got married. The Patriots lost in the Super Bowl, but at least i got a ring. (except that i didn't really. metaphorically get the idea)

Friends got married, babies were born, and in September we got a dog. She has truly changed our lives for the better. Caring for her is very challenging and time-consuming but ultimately worth it. I feel that we are really making a difference in her life by helping her to overcome her fears. I didn't know I could love a dog as much as I love Daisy.

Finally, I took a baby step towards my dream and opened up my shop. I'm not expecting overnight success and I know that it's going to be a lot of hard work but I'm looking forward to growing in the coming years. I have lots of plans for 2013 so here's hoping it'll be another great year! (provided that we survive the zombie apocalypse, of course)

I will be off enjoying my holiday for the rest of the year, so to my loyal readers (all 3 of you!) have a wonderful holiday season and I'll see you in 2013.


  1. Happy holidays!! From reader #4 ;)

  2. Happy holidays, Sara. It's been quite a year! I'm so glad you've given Daisy a home. She is such a sweetie, and she deserves the love you give her! talk to you next week! hopefully. ;)

  3. You can add another loyal reader to your list! I subscribe via Google Reader but I almost never comment on blogs. I enjoy following your crafts and projects. It seems you've had an awesome year and aren't dogs the best?!

  4. Yes, it's been a crazy year for us too! Enjoy the rest of 2012!

  5. See? There's five of us!! LOL!
    Pretty solid year!

  6. Happy holidays! Here's hoping that 2013 is amazing!

  7. Happy holidays and you do have more than three readers! :)

  8. oh sara! as i read this it warmed my heart that i can call you my friend. i know that this year has been a bit of a toughie but it seems to have ended on such a sweet note for you guys with daisy. she seems like the sweetest little girl ever and it makes me so happy that you are able to give her such a happy loving home! xoxoxo



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