Friday, December 07, 2012

log cabin duvet

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QAYG Duvet Cover

My old duvet cover died. It was over 10 years old so we were way past due for a new one. I thought it might be fun to do a quilted cover. i used the QAYG method outlined here with some differences.

First, since my duvet is 81" square, i made each square 9". Having used this method before, I knew that it takes forever so I only did one round of logs 3" wide. I would generally cut all of the pieces for 4 blocks at a time and chain piece whenever possible to save time. I also added extra seam allowances and stitched at 3/8" because i found from before that 1/4" seams aren't enough because of the extra bulk.

QAYG Duvet Cover

Although it looks scrappy i only used a few scraps. most of my scraps are too narrow for this project, so i cut a bunch of 3 5/8" strips from stash instead. I divided my fabrics into light/dark and I used illustrator to graph out a setting that I liked. I am not aware of the official name of this setting but i'm sure it's been done before. Unfortunately because the scale of the blocks is so large it's hard to see it on the bed but by shrinking down the picture you can make it out better.

For both the quilt backing and the duvet backing i used 108" wide kona premium muslin in natural. i'd have preferred white, but they were out of stock when i ordered. I prewashed the backing before i cut into it and i can assure you it was not fun ironing 5 yards of 108" wide fabric. it probably took me about an hour just to iron.

I tied the backing to the quilt with white #8 perle cotton in the center of each block. this was my first time tying a quilt. it was fast and easy but i felt unsure about the stability. it was impossible to get a needle through the bulky seams so i could not tie at block intersections. my ties are a little farther apart than they should be technically but because the batting was already quilted to the top i basically said "screw it" and just went with 1 tie per block. we will see if this comes back to bite me sooner or later.

QAYG Duvet Cover

i serged the duvet backing to the quilt RS together. i finished with a 2" wide strip of muslin at the top and it closes with snaps. This project took me about a month to complete. i'm really happy with how it looks and it's very warm and cozy on the bed. I'm proud of myself for making such a large quilt but i swear *this time* is really the last i use this particular method of QAYG. it's just too time consuming and you still have to wrestle with basting/attaching a giant quilt back. This method of quilting both top/back at once makes way more sense to me. the only reason i didn't use it this time was because of the log cabin setting. (the joining strips would be visible and would've thrown off the design).


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  2. It looks absolutely fantastic!!
    Thanks so much for linking up with us x

  3. i don't think that you will have any problems with the tying of this in the future. i am sure you already know this, but the reason they say to tie every howevermany inches is to prevent the batting from bunching and coming apart in the wash. but you already quilted the batting to the top fabric so it really shouldn't give you any problems. it really is so very gorgeous!!! great work sara!



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