Friday, December 14, 2012

An Unexpected Knitting Bag

Katie Boston Bag

I wanted a new purse so I bought the Katie Boston Bag from ithinksew. I used AMH loulouthi for the exterior and dark gray DS quilts daisy mae for the lining.

I made a number of changes. Firstly, I interfaced the entire bag with fusible fleece with the exception of the zipper panels. On those I used decor bond interfacing. I made longer self-fabric handles that were also interfaced with decor bond.

I don't like elasticized pockets in bags. They remind me too much of diaper bags. I left off that piece and added a zippered pocket instead. I kept the lined slip pocket.

I also really hated how the bag was sewn with exterior and linings as one piece and finished with bias tape. I fully lined my bag instead. I attached the exterior/lining RS together to the zipper panel as one piece and then stitched each to the gusset pieces separately. I left a hole in the lining to turn the bag right side out and handstitched the opening closed. I think my bag looks much more polished this way.

It didn't take me too long to complete but it was enough of a pain that I'm not eager to make another one any time soon. I think this style of bag would look great with piping. I kind of wish I had taken the extra time to add some.

After I completed the bag I realized that I'd never carry it. I either use my giant bag that fits my lunch/shoes/umbrella for work or I have a small clutch that holds my wallet/phone/maybe a pen when I leave the house. This purse is in between and seems too large for everyday use. But it did dawn on me that it's perfect for a knitting project. it is nicely roomy for its size. I currently have a sweater for my niece on the needles and this bag holds everything comfortably. I am notorious for using crappy plastic bags for my knit/crochet projects so now i have something nice. yay!

Katie Boston Bag Katie Boston Bag


  1. That will be a perfect knitting bag! Very cute!

  2. I agree; perfect for knitting projects. The outside print is such a happy one!

  3. that is the perfect knitting bag! it looks so roomy! i really want to have a reason to have a knitting bag!!! must learn to knit! oh hell! i just realized i have a new goal/made a new goal! learn to knit in 2013~!



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