Friday, November 30, 2012

Winter Sewing Plans

I delved back into sewing clothing over the holiday. I've become aware of some holes in my wardrobe so these are my tentative plans for sewing over the winter season. i have purchased lots of nice quality garment fabrics over the years but they've mostly sat idle in the stash. i'm hoping to use up what i have rather than buy more.

  1. Tova top: i've actually made this shirt twice but have nothing to show for it. my first version was too small and the second is still waiting for me to finish the embroidery. this time i'm using some loulouthi voile that i bought on sale at hawthorne threads.
  2. wool gabardine trousers: i have chocolate brown and another light color in the stash along with coordinating bemberg lining. it is sad that i can't recall exactly what colors i have--maybe oatmeal-ish? at any rate i haven't decided which to use yet but i'm wise enough to know that i probably won't get around to making both pairs. i'll be using my TNT Simplicity 2700. i wear my black wool pants weekly so i could really use another pair.
  3. Pussy bow blouse: i made Vogue 8772 in the regular shirt version using some stretch cotton shirting to try out the pattern. it went together fairly easily as far as shirts go and fits pretty well, so now i'd like to use some printed silk charmeuse i have stashed to make the bow-tie version. i'm thinking of either doing cap-sleeves or sleeveless to avoid looking like Nancy Reagan.
  4. Colette Ginger: i bought the pattern at a 50% off sale. i have some coppery brown stretch corduroy that i think would work well with the stripey chevron version. i used to not wear skirts in the winter but now that i've invested in wool tights and boots it's not as foolhardy an idea as it once was. i don't have many winter weight skirts.
  5. Go Anywhere Bag: I could use a work bag refresh. my cosmo bag is looking a little tired these days. i've tried to go with smaller purses for work but i'm caving to the realization that i'm old and i need to carry a lot of stuff. i'm undecided on fabrics but i'm leaning towards deer with glasses.

i'm sure that i won't have time to get to everything but in an ideal world i'd also make the meringue skirt in aqua wool gabardine, a chevron ITY jersey dress, and an anise in plaid wool flannel. but i always say i'm going to sew a jacket and i have yet to actually do it. maybe someday.

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day is on Monday. i'll have a little something to contribute.


  1. The Go Anywhere bag has been on my list for awhile now too. Maybe I'll get to it after Christmas?

  2. You always amaze me with your clothing. More than anything, the fact that you finish things you actually wear! I need to get better at that. The Painted Portrait blouse I made is the first thing I wear regularly. Miss you!



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