Friday, November 09, 2012

Wiksten Tulip Skirt

awhile back i saw somebody's version of this skirt and thought it was cute. i knew that i had seen a few similar patterns before and then the light went off that i already had one in my stash, the Wiksten Tulip Skirt.
Wiksten Tulip Skirt
i consulted the corrections, selected a cotton poplin from Hancock fabrics that had been in the stash for awhile and was off to the races. it's been too long for me to remember exactly now but i think the pieces didn't line up well and i had to fudge a few things. i would not recommend this particular pattern if you are new to making skirts. if you're an old hand at it you shouldn't have too many difficulties.

i'm pretty sure i made a size S. i think i shortened it a little bit and re-spaced the buttons according to how many matching ones i had in the stash. in a perfect world i would have left off the ties and added pockets but it didn't turn out too badly as is. oh yeah and i topstitched the plackets because there was no way i was handstitching them.

this one is really more of a summer skirt but a few days ago i wore it with wool tights, tall black boots, and my cowl renfrew, so it works as a transitional piece during the fall. i would make another one of these eventually. maybe corduroy would be a good choice.


  1. i think corduroy would be a very good choice and i think it is beautiful! perfect transition piece!

  2. That's a nice print! I love the buttonband (or whatever the proper term would be for it!). P.S. Your camera block is amazeballs! Amanda will love it.



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