Friday, September 07, 2012

baby shower, pt 2

with not a lot of time, i went with some old standbys for the rest of the shower gifts.
Diaper Clutch
i made this diaper clutch for the second time. i added fusible fleece to make it more sturdy but the thickness threw off the dimensions somewhat. the closure is fairly shallow. i also rounded the flap but not the bottom corners. this was really just because i misread the directions but whatever.
Diaper Clutch
i love this echino deer fabric so much. it pairs perfectly with the yellow riley blake chevron.
Baby Sophisticate
i made a second baby sophisticate as well. i knit the larger size on #8 needles. i used 2 skeins of i love this cotton. i added another set of short rows to the collar. i don't recall how many buttonholes the pattern calls for but i did 3 because i only had that many matching buttons. i adore this pattern. it's very quick to knit and it's so cute.
Burp Cloths
i made another set of burp cloths. i utilized the contoured pattern that i'd made earlier. one side is terry cloth and the other is the most fun baby boy fabric that i could find in the stash.

with these quick go-to patterns, i'm totally prepared for future onslaughts of babies. you can't outpace me, theoretical future babies.


  1. Nice! I need to blog about my baby gift exploits too...sigh. Time, I can haz it?

  2. Oh my goodness, these gifts are so adorable. I just love that little cardigan... and in will be so comfy.

  3. Baby Sophisticate! Love it. I haven't made one, but I always adore the FOs. And your diaper bag/burp rags are adorable!

  4. sara, how long did it take you to knit the baby sophisticate? it is so beautiful!

  5. It took me two days. But I've made it before and i'm a very experienced knitter. Ymmv :P

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  6. and as always after checking up on your sewing antics, i end up with an order for more fabric - i may be on a self-inflicted yarn diet but not a fabric diet. deer with glasses! what will they come up with next? too bad we don't do baby showers in this country (they're too superstitious in germany to give presents before the baby's there) - i'd may have to start a new tradition.

  7. I can hardly believe you made that sweater, it's so beautiful. And I quite like that deer chevron pouch.



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