Tuesday, September 04, 2012

An Experiment

cloth napkins
i made several cloth napkins to test the ideal method of construction, fabric content, and size. a few are a single layer with scrappy binding, a few used the purl bee method. some were just sewn right sides together and then turned and topstitched. and some have round corners. there are 12", 14", and 16" napkins. i tried several of the decorative stitches on my machine to add some pizzazz. i used quilting cotton, linen, and essex cotton/linen.
cloth napkins
one thing i learned is that prewashing is a must. all of the napkins shrank pretty significantly in the wash but the fibers did not all shrink at the same rate. the double layer napkins bubble in places. i think my verdict is that i prefer the smallest size for regular use. i like the double layer napkins and aesthetically i prefer the rounded corners. i don't have a strong position on fabric content though using white was probably pretty dumb.

this concludes the great napkin experiment of 2012. now i can start making napkins for reals, except that i'm tired of them after finishing all of these.


  1. i like all the stitches you put on them. very pretty and i am glad you discovered all of the tricks to making the perfect napkin! ;)

  2. They are lovely! I bet you are tired of them, though. I love the different stitching, and fabrics you used!



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