Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the long haul

back in the day i showed the beginnings of what is turning out to be a very long term project. it took me months to baste all of my hexagons, a few minutes to arrange them how i wanted, and many more months to actually stitch them together.

a few things have held me back. 1) my hands start to hurt if i work on it for very long. 2) all that gray bored the hell out of me. my piece is modeled on this flickr favorite and i don't regret the sea of kona coal because i like the way that it looks. it was a huge relief to finally make it to the colored rows, however.

i'm aiming for a miniquilt when all is said and done. i wouldn't be surprised if it takes me another year to finish the top. baby steps.


  1. oOOF! Very admirable! I like the way it's turning out. But that's a lot of dedication!!! Reminds me of the people doing those hexipuff afghans. I don't have the patience!

  2. you are amazing and have much more patience than i do. ;) it looks so great!

  3. It looks awesome. I must admit, although I love piecing my hexagon quilt, I don't think I could face piecing loads the same colour together at a time! It's a long (but satisfying) process!



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