Thursday, August 30, 2012


Pink Castle Fabrics Stash Stack Club August
i got my August stack for the Stash Stack Club. this pushed my blue FQ stack to the brink and i had to start another pile of blues. to be perfectly honest, i thought that 3 navy and white dot fabrics was a bit excessive but otherwise i'm happy with the selection. unfortunately the August stack doesn't work with my long-term project i had planned for these fabrics.
value quilt
i am making another HST value quilt. the plan is to organize the stack each month from light to dark, dividing it in half, and then pairing light and dark fabrics together for the value quilt. i'm using my wonder cut ruler to make 5" HSTs. it works really well on fat quarters. working on it a little each month as the fabrics arrive will keep me from project fatigue and i can trim as i go.

the idea is to make HSTs each month when the new stack comes in and by the end of the year i'll have a rainbow of colors. i found that the navy stack doesn't work, however, because there is just not enough contrast. i might do a few with the very darkest and lightest fabrics but i won't utilize the entire stack. it's not a total loss though, because the majority of my blues are of the teal/aqua/baby variety and it's nice to have some darker colors.


  1. I like your idea for the stacks, and I do think if you use the navy pieces with some of your other blues, it will still work.

  2. I joined the club after I saw your pinks last month. I wasn't thrilled with the repeat of polka dots either, or that cream plaid. Hopefully next month will be better! I like your idea of prepping them each month.

  3. i love fabric. i love those navys, i love the idea of making a rainbow of hst's with them. that will be a very beautiful quilt! xo



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