Tuesday, August 07, 2012

odds n ends

Nicke Swap
i made this jane market bag for Nicke awhile back. in searching her pinterest boards, it appeared that she liked loulouthi, so i pulled a clippings fabric from my stash. i chose some coordinating solids and made the center pocket improv patchwork. the handles are a pink pearl bracelet fabric and the lining is sugar creek. i also added a zippered pocket to the lining.
Nicke Swap
as per usual, i used heavy interfacing. i also added pintucks to the bottom of the bag in addition to the side seams to add some sturdiness. i've made this bag a countless number of times but i never tire of it.

Scrappy Coasters
i had some leftover patchwork from the bag that i was inspired to use up by these coasters. i pulled from my pieced scraps, stitched them together and then FMQ in a stipple to some batting scraps. then i cut the piece into 4 squares and finished the coasters with a connecting threads fabric that's been marinating in the stash for awhile. this little FMQ experiment led me to start this project to get more practice.
Scrappy Coasters
i kind of wish i had used a different fabric on the back, but oh well. i'll probably be making more coaster sets in a similar manner later. i do like the "waste not" mentality of plowing through those pieced scraps. though like many other things, the bag o' scraps doesn't seem to ever get smaller.

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  1. Fun! I bet Nicke loved her bag, and the coasters are sweet!



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