Friday, August 31, 2012

Linky-loo Friday: Baby Shower Edition

my friend's baby shower is this weekend and I just managed to finish her quilt last night. because i am a huge procrastinator, i decided at this late hour that i wanted to make a few other things. so i'll be a busy bee from now until Sunday. the nice thing about the huge influx of babies lately is that i have more intel into what is useful to new parents.

i just pinned this changing pad tutorial. i have a bunch of laminated cotton that is waiting to be used.

i'm knitting another baby sophisticate in i love this cotton. every baby boy needs an ironic hipster cardigan that makes him look like an old man.

my brother said that this diaper clutch was really useful. i think i may cut into my echino deer for this one.

a set of burp cloths will be quick and easy.

i don't seem to be running out of pregnant friends and family so i'm sure more baby stuff will keep popping up her periodically for quite awhile.


  1. I need to blog about my babypalooza of gifts too. 2012/2013 is a big baby boom year!

  2. are you going to join in on the baby craze? i think a wee knottygnome baby would be really cute! xo ;)

  3. Lots of fun gifts! I can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  4. The baby sophisticate sweater is my go-to baby gift for boys-- I really love it!


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