Friday, August 03, 2012

Another year on the Horizon

New Thread and Accufeet
so i don't know that i'll do it every year but i thought i'd pop in with an update on my Horizon. After 2 years, everything is still going strong. Knock on wood, but i haven't gotten it serviced yet. i know you're supposed to do it regularly but it feels weird to me to take in my machine when it's not broken. i've never had my serger serviced either and i've had it for even longer. of course, now that i've committed this to pixels, both machines will probably break tomorrow.

i finally learned how to finish edges using the overedge C foot. i usually do a normal zigzag and it works great. i can sometimes be very lazy and just use this approach rather than rethreading my serger. i've also discovered the triple zigzag and i figured out how to do bar tacks. i don't use most of the decorative stitches but i do like the scallop stitch. i occasionally visit some of the decorative stitches for pants pockets.

i've found that i almost always use the open toe foot over the regular zigzag foot. because of this i recently invested in the accufeed open toe foot. i really like it so far. it's always good to be able to see where i am going and the walking foot keeps things nice and steady, especially on thick layers. it's good for stitching in the ditch, topstitching, and edgestitching as well. on my ipad case i used the open toe foot instead of the zipper foot and it worked beautifully. this is awesome because the zipper foot kind of sucks. i also bought the 1/4" accufeed foot. i've only used it a few times but so far, i have to say i don't care for it. it kind of hops when you sew and the machine vibrates more than usual. i also had to adjust the needle all the way over to 6.2 to get a 1/4" seam (my normal 1/4" foot is adjusted to 4.1). that's not a huge deal, it's just weird. there's also this veering problem where the ends of the fabric tend to steer towards the right. my regular 1/4" foot doesn't do this. i haven't tried stitching thick seams with it yet, which is one of the primary reasons i got it, but so far it's not my fave. the regular O2 foot seems superior with my limited experience.

the needle threader no longer works. it probably just needs an adjustment but i can't see taking it in to fix a feature i don't even really care about. my (corrected) vision is still good enough that i don't need to use a threader.

i discovered that when using the auto buttonholer you really need to make sure that nothing interferes with the sensor or it will screw up. i've done things like make the buttonholes upside down in order to avoid thick seams.

i decided to stop being scared of the twin needle and it's changed my sewing life when working with knits. i've even pondered eventually investing in a coverstitch machine but i don't think it'll happen any time soon.

i've learned to oil the wick, even though the manual claims you never need to oil the machine. my walking foot was squeaking like mad and i oiled a few parts carefully one by one trying to determine where the sound was coming from. i couldn't figure out how to oil the accufeed foot so i just gave up and eventually it stopped squeaking on its own. *shrug*

i gave up trying to locate the janome thread stand since it always seems to be out of stock and i bought a regular inexpensive thread stand that sits behind or to the side of the machine. it works just fine so far.

finally, i decided not to be so snobby about only using cotton thread. i figure i can't knock it until i've tried it so i bought a spool of superior so fine poly thread and some superior mono poly (clear thread) as well. i wanted to experiment with this faux handquilt technique. i also bought a spool of aurafil 50 wt mako thread. i'll report back on my new thread adventures soon.


  1. Interesting link on the faux handquilting! Thanks for sharing more about your machine. You've explored a lot already!

  2. Lugar4tresgatos8/03/2012 02:05:00 PM

    I have a Janome 6600 and only had it serviced once in 6 years. It costs $149 and I've cleaned and oiled it myself so far since then. I have both the accufeed feet you mentioned and the walking foot stopped working for a bit but works fine now. I only use gutermann and connecting threads brand thread. My machine does not like coats and Clark or aurifil.

  3. how do you feel about the aurifil?  i love that shit so much! 



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