Thursday, July 12, 2012

Welcome to Paradise Gardens

I can totally see myself marinating a chicken in that. sorry--can't seem to get away from Arrested Development quotes.
Wonky House and Tree
it's my month in the wonky bee and i chose a cityscape. i'm using scraps and light colored background fabrics to make a quilt similar to this one.
Wonky Houses
after posting my thread in the flickr group i realized that i didn't really have a good grasp on exactly what i was looking for. so i made a few test blocks to get a better feel for the dimensions. and once i started making blocks, it was hard to stop. i'm going to make a baby quilt for my best friend, who just found out she and her husband are expecting a boy. i think it will be perfect for her and i'm excited to see what my fellow bee members come up with.


  1. Never stop with the AD quotes. E and I do it all the time! We watched the Motherboy episode again the other night.
    I love these blocks! I'm still trying to decide what exactly I'd like to do with mine, but I intend to get started this weekend!

  2. Very cute!  I love the skyscraper and will have to try some of those for you!  

  3. i started watching arrested development.  i laugh and laugh and laugh at the never nude! 



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