Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Too many birthdays

Too many people have summer birthdays. i had to make a slew of gifts recently.
Jewelry roll from one yard wonders
This is the jewelry roll from one-yard-wonders. i've made several projects from this book. it's among the most useful in my collection. one of my co-workers likes to make her own jewelry so i thought that this might come in handy.
Jewelry roll from one yard wonders
it was very easy and quick to make, and the way it's put together is quite clever. the only changes i made were to interface just the pocket pieces and not the pocket linings. i also used some twill tape for the ties and ring thingie (technical term) instead of ribbon. clearly I used 2 fabrics instead of just 1. i'm almost disappointed that i have no use for something like this but i wouldn't hesitate to sew it again as a gift.


  1. Ring thingie IS a technical term! ;) It's really cute. I'm so lazy about jewelry, and rarely change out accessories, so I probably wouldn't use this either. But I bet your coworker will love it!

  2. i can't pin your pictures, did you know that?



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