Thursday, July 19, 2012

Side effects may include mental confusion

Tuesday was a very hot day. I had the worst night's sleep possibly ever because our un-airconditioned home was unbearable. Wednesday I managed to make it through the work day as a semi-zombie. After work, I took a 2 hour nap and still managed to fall soundly asleep at my normal bedtime, so this setup is all to help define my mental state at the time i got home. When I walked in the door I had a package from crazyquiltgirl fabrics waiting for me. 

now, i had ordered from this shop in the past but it's been awhile. I opened the package, found these 3 charm packs, and I started staring at the invoice. Yep, it's my name and address. It doesn't appear to have been a mistake. Could I have ordered this and completely forgotten about it? it didn't seem entirely out of the question that i might buy fabric and not remember it. I pondered for a moment on that possibility.
Birthday Charm Packs
Then it hit me. Hey, that's not my email address! So I'm not crazy. it was a mistake! Wait...that's my brother's email address. ohhhhhhh, it all makes sense now.

the sad part is that my brother even emailed me in advance to tell me that my birthday gift was on its way. i'm sure that he's proud in that big brother sense that he momentarily caused me to question my sanity. at any rate, i absolutely love this gift. I think i'm going to use the Half Moon Modern pack to make a new sewing machine cover, the farmer's market will be made into something for Farmer Spicy, and Lucy's Crab Shack is just so adorable that I will have to stew awhile to find something appropriate (though some of them may get added into the Polaroid stack). So thanks for the birthday gift, ya jerk! i love it.


  1. i love your brother!  that is so sweet! 

  2. Woah!  I'm very impressed!  I can't even get my husband to buy me crafty-related gift items.  He's afraid he'll buy something I don't like.  Pishaw!  I love it when they make the effort!  Awesome brother of yours!

  3. Sorry for the rough weather and lack of sleep!  But, that's a great gift, especially for a "guy" to think about it in advance.  I wish my husband would have so much forethought!  Happy birthday!

  4. Heh. It's not entirely impossible to forget ordering fabric, is it? ;) Sorry to hear about the lack of sleep. I guess I don't think about the hot nights, with A/C to keep me sane. I can't imagine how unbearable that was?

  5. Holy moly, I cannot imagine living without air conditioning! 
    Nice birthday gift! Happy Birthday!

  6. Good job, brother!  :)  And happy birthday!  

  7. The jerk sez you're welcome. Waitaminnit ... Hey! I'm telling!!!!



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