Monday, July 30, 2012

Let's twist again

I received a lovely and thoughtful care package back in March that included some corriedale fiber from Chawne. i started spinning it right away but stress and life got in the way so i put it aside for a very long while. Jacey sent me a lovely gift that made me want to spin again so i found the motivation to finish up the corriedale.
it's a 2ply, 552yds/111g. because of the long hiatus it's quite inconsistently spun. i thought i was spinning a fingering weight but the earlier singles were laceweight, so there's a lot more yardage than i was expecting. maybe i originally meant to 3ply or chain-ply. the 2 plies lined up quite nicely so there are very long color repeats. it's a nice "wooly wool" so it would probably be great for one of those short-row stripey shawls that are all the rage these days. thanks again to Chawne--i like to think the yarn with its imperfections helped me work through a little bit of my anxiety, and now that i'm in a better place i'm ready to move onto happier things.
Superwash merino
Jacey sent me this superwash merino for my birthday. the colors are perfect for a baby boy, so i started spinning a worsted weight 3ply right away. i'm hoping to make Spicy's nephew a sweater.

I also have Nicke to thank for this awesome Ron Swanson cross stitch pattern. i really need some art for my sewing room walls, so hopefully i will get to it sooner rather than later. i'm blessed with wonderful bloggy friends. thanks everyone!


  1. The Corriedale is lovely! I'm glad you like the fiber, too. I have the x-stitch pattern, too! I'm tempted to stitch a favorite quote underneath the portrait. ;) I'm glad you're in a happier place now!

  2. Ohhh . . . yarn and knitting!  It looks lovely.  I don't think I need another craft right now, but it's tempting!

  3. oh, hooray! your yarn is always lovely. i hope this works out well in a shawl someday.

  4. xoxo! you are the best sara and deserve all good things!



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