Tuesday, July 10, 2012

lemons and chevrons

the wedding and camping were fun but oh dear bejeebus it was HOT. being from the South, i was not at all used to being in a church that isn't air conditioned when it's 90 degrees outside. we managed to survive somehow.
Reversible Apron
i put together a package of kitchen-y items for the bride and groom--a few dishcloths, a couple of my Mixed Media potholders, and this apron.
Reversible Apron
i used some alexander henry lemon fabric, a remix chevron, and a green kona (peridot, i think). i didn't use a pattern but a reversible apron is not all that hard to guestimate. i may end up making a few more but i would modify them slightly to use a bit less fabric. you can't see it well here but i rounded the corners of the apron by tracing around a small plate.

now i kind of wish i had an a-line skirt out of the chevron.


  1. So cute!  What a nice gift!

  2. I love it! And yes, I think you do need a skirt out of that chevron...
    Sorry to hear the wedding was so hot. 

  3. oh i love it so much!  when she gets one side dirty she can just flip it over!  :)  so great!



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