Wednesday, July 18, 2012

if at first you don't succeed

Free Spirit Solids bundle
i've been building my solids stash for an upcoming project. i bought this FQ bundle of free spirit solids awhile back. the fabric has a great hand and a beautiful sheen.
Solid stash
i also beefed up my reds and yellows with some kona, michael miller cotton couture, timeless treasures soho solids, and more free spirit solids. my new bestie is Free Spirit Spark Gold. it's a gorgeous mustardy shade.
QAYG FMQ blocks
i've been wanting to get some more practice with free motion quilting. i sort of hate it when i stink at something. i had kind of given up on it but i decided i was being silly and the only way to ever get better at it was to practice. i made a bunch of 11x13 quilt sandwiches using solids, leftover cotton batting, and greys on the back. i whipped out my 505 spray baste and tried to conquer my paranoia of breathing in hazardous chemicals. the spray baste works quite nicely on these small pieces.
QAYG FMQ blocks
i made 16 blocks, each with a different pattern using 4 different colors of gray thread. i'm definitely better at some types of stitching over others. i seem to be more comfortable with allover designs rather than directional ones or anything that requires precision. i'm sure i just need more practice. i'm really glad i did this experiment because i do feel more confident now and am less scared to use FMQ on a larger quilt. plus dare i say that some of the patterns were last night i finished joining the blocks together and now i just need to bind it. i'm not going to be winning awards any time soon for my stitching but at least i'm not afraid of it anymore.


  1. Ooo!  I really like the star-trail sample.  Very nice!
    And you do all this on your Janome?  Hmm...

  2. These squares are really, really lovely. I might copy you, as FMQ is something that still taunts me. Also, I think my solids stash might need beefing...



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