Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 07/20

1. 5 little coasters, 2. Crochet napkins ~ cool, 3. corners, 4. fck p nerds swirl2, 5. Yeti Paw Quilt Top, 6. MQPS Entry #1, 7. IMG_2436, 8. Nicey Jane hexies, 9. new favorite!, 10. Kerry's house block, 11. Liberated quilt finished, 12. Love Notes Tote, 13. if she sleeps... envelope quilt, 14. hmmmmm..., 15. Cutest pillow ever from Tamiko....I am beyond ecstatic!!!, 16. Blue Skies Ahead

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this weekend i'm going to relax with the cats on my birthday and hopefully get a lot of crafting done. also i'll be consuming snickers ice-cream bars. woohoo, 32!


  1. That Yeti Paw Quilt is amazing! thanks for sharing. I think I might try a Friday Favorites post. :)

  2. Lovely, lovely! I hope you have a very happy birthday weekend, sweets!

  3. happy happy happy birthday lady!  i hope it is a wonderful day and you enjoy the crap out of those snickers ice cream bars!



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