Monday, June 04, 2012

Me Made May: The End

My Me-Made-May petered out at the end. I forgot that I had a work conference the final week and i'd be working insane hours. I did the best I could but I had a few failures.

Day 29:
Me Made May Day 29
flutter sleeve cardigan
anthro inspired blouse
jalie jeans
new balance minimus

i finally found my summer wardrobe so i have endless me-mades that i never even whipped out for the challenge. i did do a big wardrobe purge, and i got rid of a ton of clothes that i haven't worn in years. the flutter sleeve cardigan was given a brief reprieve but i think it's destined for the donation box as well. it just isn't very flattering and the waist is too tight.

Day 30:
Me Made May Day 30

butterick top
jalie cargos
bass sandals

i like this top a lot but i rarely wear it because the fabric is super crappy cheap-o rayon jersey from joanns. i've gotten nicer stuff from them before but this particular fabric is very sheer and static-y. i should remake the top someday.

Day 31:

purple racerback dress
white refashioned cardi from day 21
new lucky emmie flats that are exactly the same as the red ones but black

i was at work from 7:30 in the morning until 10:00 at night. there was no way I was getting a picture of this one.

What did I learn from this challenge (other than that i still hate taking daily photos)?

Well, i have at least enough self-stitched clothing to wear for an entire month. I need more pants and cardigans. I should really make myself a jacket. The weather in May is completely unpredictable. I always need layers at work even when it's 90 degrees outside. I could use a couple more dresses but I should stop making skirts. it's a good idea when doing a wardrobe challenge to find all of your summer clothes prior to the week before the challenge is over. Don't be afraid to purge me-mades if they no longer work for you.

it's been a great month, but i am so ready to move onto something else.


  1. great month!!!  i love your taste in sewing patterns...i find i've got many of the same ones or have bookmarked them to someday pick up!

  2. You did so well! It's too bad the fabric isn't great on the green shirt; it's a very flattering top. Onward, Sara!

  3. you did great this month!  love that green shirt!  it looks great on you!  



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