Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Envelope clutch x2

Envelope Clutch
My coworker's birthday was on Monday so i finally got a chance to try out the Envelope Clutch.

Envelope Clutch
For her version, I made the larger size with the flat edge flap and used fabrics from DS sugar creek, moda domestic bliss, and a kona solid (azure, i think?) the findings are from beingbags. I used craft fuse interfacing and skipped the interlining. I placed the card pockets just ever so slightly too high. next time i would move them down a smidge. both clutches use the strap fabric for the pocket linings. i just love the fabric combo. she seemed to really like the clutch. There are a couple more pictures here and here if you're interested.
Envelope Clutch
i couldn't resist trying another, so i made the smaller version with the pointed flap for myself. I used some of my precious Ruby Star Rising (only a teeny bit left now *sniff*), some moda walk in the woods, and a timeless treasures text print. I threw in some leftover red piping on the flap only. Instead of interfacing, i used leftover warm and white batting and i like the feel of the soft yet sturdy padding. i will use it again in future bags. of course i wouldn't be me if i didn't do one thing wrong, so the text print on the flap is upside down. I also left off the card pockets on my version because I'd be unlikely to use them, since i always carry my wallet. An additional pic is here.

the instructions were transparent and easy to follow (except for maybe making the card slot pocket placement more explicit) and the results look very professional. I will eventually be making several more. I already have new fabric combos in mind.

because my supply of RSR is slowly and sadly dwindling, i'm submitting my clutch to this month's My Precious QAL. I can't be sorry about how I've used it so far. All of the things I've made with the viewmaster fabric are well-loved.


  1. Both of them are awesome! The fabrics you chose really go great together!

  2. I love both of them lots. Hmm, maybe there will be a little viewfinder fabric in your package next month when your bee blocks get made. ;) I know what you mean, though. It's so sad when you can see the end of the cut.

    Also, I totally thought you put that text upside down. I like it!

  3. oh i love these sara!  they look so great! xo



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