Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Ballbands and an outlier

more Dishie dishcloths. i washed and dried these and they did shrink a little bit lengthwise but i was able to pull them back into shape. the one on the end is knit in hobby lobby i love this cotton and the pattern is nai-nai's favorite. all cloths were knit on #7 knitpicks options.

i have a wedding to attend and i'm putting together a package of kitchen-y goodies.

oh, btw, i decided it was time for a blog refresh. i haven't been knitting-centric in a very long time and "knottygnome crafts" is a much better descriptor of what I actually do. plus, yay new banners!


  1. I like the new banner!  Does it change pictures like the old one?

  2. Never mind!  Just hit refresh and answered my own question--cool!

  3. i have never knit one of these dishcloths, but i always think they are pretty when i see them. such great colors. do you like the KP yarn?

  4. I love the new banners! I really need to do some refreshing as well. And I love you stack of dishcloths. The color combinations are just lovely!

  5. i love the new banners so much!  i love these dishcloths too!  they look great!



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