Monday, May 14, 2012

Threatdown: Bears

May 12 Wonky Bee
For her month in the wonky quilt bee, Amanda requested oversized bear paws. i wasn't quite sure what i wanted to do until i saw Melissa's blocks. i had a lot of fun making these blocks and choosing fabrics with saturated jewel tones. it's not normally something that i'd pick for myself but i really quite like how these turned out. i could see myself making a bear paw cushion on down the road.


  1. and the gauntlet has been thrown!  beautiful blocks sara!  i am afraid to make mine now! ;)

  2. Ha! Threat down.  I finished mine this weekend, too. They were fun! Yours look fab!

  3. These are awesome!!! I've always love the bear claw block and I'm amazed at the creative, modern takes on it!



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