Thursday, May 17, 2012

rediscovering crochet

Fanciful flower potholder
i've been bit by the crochet bug again. i ordered a bunch of knitpicks dishie to make some dishcloths and potholders for a wedding gift. my urge to create now and not wait was strong so i dug up some leftover cotton yarns to get some practice. this is the fanciful flower potholder pattern. i used some lionbrand kitchen cotton, sugar n cream, and i love this cotton with an I hook. some of the numbers don't seem right on the base but it really doesn't matter very much--it's easily fudge-able. i probably wouldn't recommend it for a brand-new crocheter, however, or someone who is a stickler for following the pattern.

one thing i don't love about yarny potholders is that regardless of the thickness they aren't very heat resistant. i tried this one out last night to take a pan of bread out of the oven and i had the same issue. so i think i'm going to quilt a layer of insulbright to a quilting cotton backing and sew it on to the base to see if that helps.

i do adore the kitschiness of crochet potholders. they really do brighten up the kitchen.


  1. That's a clever idea! I am curious to see if it works. My aunt crocheted me some potholders for the wedding. They are hot pink and purple, but the thought was sweet!

  2. Pretty!  Why is it crochet seems like a summer thing?  The more openness of the stitching??
    Didn't know KP had a dishcloth line--I love the "kenai" color.  Someone naming their yarn has been to Alaska!  LOL!

  3. I agree, I have my crochet potholders decorating the sides of my white kitchen cabinets!  I don't use them for pulling things out of the oven, but they make great hotpads for once you get the stuff out, and they are SO homey.  I think I've queued about a million patterns...



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