Friday, May 18, 2012

Me Made May Week 3

Day 14:
Me Made May Day 14

pas de valse cardigan
simplicity 3835
sewaholic crescent skirt
black bass sandals
earrings made by my stepmom

Day 15:
Me Made May Day 15
Simplicity 2219
black bass sandals
not pictured: simplicity 2560

Day 16:
Me Made May Day 16

handspun handdyed swallowtail shawl
butterick 4789
navy twill jalie jeans
navy banana republic flats

Day 17:
Me Made May Day 17

renfrew top
mccalls 5591
lucky emmie flats

Day 18:
Me Made May Day 18

simplicity 4111 top
simplicity 2700 pants
handspun socks
necklace made by my stepmom
not pictured: tangled yoke cardigan, brown clarks flats

At this point in the challenge, the holes in my wardrobe are becoming evident. i finally had to repeat myself, wearing the tangled yoke cardigan again. i need an extra layer to wear at work even in the spring and summer and more lightweight cardigans and jackets would really come in handy. i started a new knit cardigan last night with that in mind. i also could use some more pants. i don't know that i'll have time this month to make anything new but it's a nice reminder of what i need going into the future. i haven't even scratched the surface of all my skirts and dresses, but i don't always feel like wearing one of those, ya know?


  1. Omg, you are like completely me-made! I love that maxi dress and your pas de valse cardigan. 

  2. You are adorable. Just thought you should know that! I still love the jazz hands you busted out this week. It's good to know this has helped you identify problems in the wardrobe!

  3. Neeno from SewMeLove.com5/19/2012 10:24:00 AM

    Wow day 15 maxi dress is fabulous!!!!

  4. it still amazes me that you have made AAAALLLLLL of these clothes!  you are so very talented sara! xo



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