Friday, May 11, 2012

Me Made May Week 2

it was a cold week. i feel like i was fairly uninspired because i'm tired of wearing winter clothes.
Me Made May Day 7
Day 7:

Vogue 8747 chambray shirt
necklace made by a coworker
white Burda 02/2010 #111 pants
red lucky emmie flats

i was attempting to multi-task by making out my grocery list at the same time i was posing for pictures. honestly it didn't really go well--i don't recommend it.
Me Made May Day 8
Day 8:
simplicity 3835 top in quilting cotton (no direct link but i've made this top several times before)
clarks flats
Me Made May Day 9
Day 9:

every time i wear this dress, i'm reminded of why i don't wear this dress. the waist is sooooo tight. it was a relief to take if off when i got home from work. i should really just retire it.
Me Made May Day 10
Day 10:
purple eyelet sew u shirt (evidently unblogged. i'm pretty sure it was my first ever button down shirt)
hello yarn handspun socks (no pic but the handspun yarn is here)
banana republic flats
earrings (so old i can't remember when or where i got them)

note to self: don't try to jump in heels. my feet still hurt. yeowtch.

i think the takeaway from this week is that i've made simplicity 2700 a lot. hopefully next week will be warmer.


  1. cheater!  you didn't make the cat---lol!

  2. i love your action shot!  xoxo



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